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1-day experience

The unmissable Puy du Fou

Duration: 1 day

On this day, we are delighted to guide you through this unique experience.
For one day, you’ll take a step back in time, a few years.
There’s no better place to spend time with the family.
This getaway will make your stay in the Vendée an unforgettable one!
Today, we’re off to the famous Puy du Fou park.
This unique theme park offers a unique immersive experience.
Return to the past with breathtaking shows, grandiose settings and an enchanting atmosphere.

Discover this award-winning park :

  • World’s Best Park Trophy
  • Trophy for Best European Creation
  • Tourism Innovation Trophy
  • Trophy for Best Show in Europe
  • Trophy for Excellence in Tourism
  • and recently, a new trophy has been added to the list: the Brass Ring Live Entertainment Excellence Awards.

With such a plethora of awards to choose from, it’s easy to get excited about discovering this tourist gem.

gite Ben et nad in Vendée near Puy du Fou
visit to the town of Ambialet near the campsite

Departure for an unforgettable day

breakfast at the gite
breakfast at the gite
discovery of the Puy du Fou park near the gite

Shows not to be missed

Back to the lodge

breakfast at the gite